Upper Extremity

What Is Shoulder Impingement

Why can't I raise my arm above shoulder height? It could be a condition called shoulder impingement. The presentation of this problem includes shoulder pain when trying to lift the arm sideways away from the body. Pain develops at or about 90°. This maneuver pinches or compresses the rotator cuff tendons ..... Continue reading

Can Conservative Care Help Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common problem. It has been reported that the frequency of the problem in the United States occurs in up to 150 cases per 1000 people per year. There are some occupations where the incidence of CTS could be even higher per 1000 people. The frequency in Great Britain has been reported to be between 70-150 cases per 1000 people. The occurrence has been cited as low as....... Continue reading

Stretching Exercises for the Upper Extremities

This article outlines basic stretches for the upper extremities. These stretches are meant to provide you with some stretching activity that can provide relief for stiffness and tightness in the muscles and joints. They can help you get ready for everyday work routines from repetitive activities like knitting and sewing to athletic competition. Basic stretching exercises are easy........ Continue reading

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