How Do Probiotics Help Me?

Probiotics have been around for many years. It was not until the earlier part of the first decade of this century that the study and evaluation of probiotics has accelerated. Many claims have been made, but what are the benefits of probiotics to your health and your family? What are the dangers? Are all probiotics the same... Continue reading

Air Travel, Jet Lag, and Sleep Disturbance

Air travel is becoming more common. Americans are traveling overseas and crossing many time zones as a result. Distance travel is exciting, but there could be side effects to the body. Jet lag affects us by altering the circadian rhythm our body is accustomed to in our normal time zone. East to west travel is the most disruptive to our circadian rhythm. What can we do to minimize the effects of........ Continue reading

Comfort During Airline Travel

Airline passengers are all too familiar with the uncomfortable seating on airplanes. This article includes useful suggestions for packing, lifting and carrying your suitcase, as well as in flight and post flight tips to help ease neck, back and extremity discomfort.... Continue reading

Posture When Driving

If you have ever been on a long distance car trip, you may recall all the aches and pains caused by sitting for long periods of time. Your posture while driving can make a difference. This article discusses some tips and ideas to make your next car trip more enjoyable...... Continue reading

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