Sports Injury

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is common in distance runners or athletes that significantly increase their training schedule. The repetitive flexion and extension of the knee when running or cycling can cause friction on the outside of the knee. It's this action that inflames the tendon causing the pain and snapping consistent with the iliotibial band (ITB)....... Continue reading

Upper Back Pain

There are many causes of upper back pain, but one problem that often escapes detection is a bursitis problem under the scapula or shoulder blade. Many times this is a source of chronic and episodic flare-up pain that can be disabling from work or sport....... Continue reading

Caring for an Ankle Sprain after a Sport Injury

Playing sports and injury are a given. Ankle sprains are common in the "week-end athlete" as the professional athlete. Treating these injuries correctly can mean the difference of a full return to normal or having that chronic weak ankle that doesn't allow a return to sport or difficulty walking during your day. Here are some suggestions..... Continue reading

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