Health and Safety

Should I Use Ice or Heat?

There is often some confusion over the right time to use ice or heat when treating an injury or condition. When used properly these methods can greatly improve the outcome of an injury by helping to control swelling and inflammation and to promote tissue healing and repair. This can help achieve... Continue reading

Health and Sleep

Investigating sleep problems and how they can affect the body is becoming an increasing area of interest and study in health care. There are many published studies on how the human body reacts to lack of sleep. Several articles on this website deal with sleep issues. However, scientists have now discovered more about how the lack of sleep can... Continue reading

How Can I Improve My Balance?

As people age they may notice that their balance seems to become more of a problem to maintain. Statistics have shown that the elderly fall far more often than any other age group except for children learning to walk. Falling is far more troublesome for seniors as it can.... Continue reading

Balance and Aging

As we age, our balance and equilibrium gradually get worse. This can result in seniors prone to losing their balance and falling. Vertigo (dizziness) is the feeling you get when you have the sensation as if you or the room are spinning. It has been reported that in the United States nearly one-third of seniors after the age of 65 have falls linked to balance problems and at age 75 and beyond nearly half of this group will suffer a fall secondary to balance problems. There is no preference…. Continue reading

Choosing a Backpack for Hiking

Hiking has become increasingly popular. Taking a hike can be as simple as walking a short distance through the park or a recreational area. However, the purpose of this article is to help prepare the distance hiker in choosing and fitting a backpack to minimize the potential of back injury. Improper fit or improper size of a backpack may produce injury to the neck, middle back or lower back…… Continue reading

How Can I Dispose Of Outdated Medicine Safely?

This question arises periodically in doctor's offices when patients ask about using prior pain medication prescriptions left over from old injuries. There are many unused and outdated bottles of drugs and prescriptions in medicine cabinets in our homes. As drugs age, potency of the medicine is lost. Unfortunately, there remains a danger to all of society...... Continue reading

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