Better Sleep

Health and Sleep

Investigating sleep problems and how they can affect the body is becoming an increasing area of interest and study in health care. There are many published studies on how the human body reacts to lack of sleep. Several articles on this website deal with sleep issues. However, scientists have now discovered more about how the lack of sleep can... Continue reading

Children and Sleep

How many parents wish they had some helpful information to aid them in making sure their child is getting adequate sleep. Children today seem to have so many activities available to them that delay bedtime and interferes with their obtaining the proper amount of sleep. Poor sleep habits can affect performance.... Continue reading

How Do I Choose A Pillow?

Choosing a pillow is not as easy as it appears to be. The primary reason for using a pillow is to support the neck in a comfortable posture to allow for a restful night's sleep. Patients often comment on problems they have sleeping because of neck pain. The first question they should be asked is..... Continue reading

Heartburn and Sleep Posture

It has been reported that up to 60 million Americans suffer from heartburn. Heartburn may be caused by eating rapidly and belching up the trapped air. It is the stomach acid content that is brought up with the belch that irritates the esophagus lining..... Continue reading

Air Travel, Jet Lag, and Sleep Disturbance

Air travel is becoming more common. Americans are traveling overseas and crossing many time zones as a result. Distance travel is exciting, but there could be side effects to the body. Jet lag affects us by altering the circadian rhythm our body is accustomed to in our normal time zone. East to west travel is the most disruptive to our circadian rhythm. What can we do to minimize the effects of........ Continue reading

Manage Your Stress

The trials and tribulations of our daily activities contribute to increasing stress levels. Family activities such as paying bills, washing clothes, preparing meals and taking children to after school practices and lessons may be only one night's activities for the end of your work day. Working overtime, meeting deadlines at work....... Continue reading

Improving Your Sleep Habits

Obtaining a good night's sleep can be difficult. What can be done to help. What can you do to prepare yourself for sleep. What are the benefits of a good night's sleep? This article gives you some tips on getting a good night's sleep. Make sleep a priority.... Continue reading

Decrease Neck & Back Pain by Improving Sleep Habits

Obtaining a good night of sleep is often more difficult than you would think. Lifestyles and habits can detract from a good restful sleep. Poor sleep has proven to adversely affect the following days work, school, home or recreational activities. Here are some things that can be done to help you obtain a good restful sleep..... Continue reading

How Can I Sleep Better?

Doctors are asked many times by patients, "what can I do to get a better night's sleep"? There are many factors that influence our sleep habits and ability to fall asleep. Back and neck pain are adversely affected by poor sleep. Here are a number of suggestions to help get a better nights sleep........ Continue reading

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