Back Pain

Posture When Driving

If you have ever been on a long distance car trip, you may recall all the aches and pains caused by sitting for long periods of time. Your posture while driving can make a difference. This article discusses some tips and ideas to make your next car trip more enjoyable...... Continue reading

Posture At The Computer

Technology is changing rapidly in our culture. More and more companies are allowing workers to be at home using their computers and interfacing with others at work or a company client. Work posture is important for many reasons, not only at the job site, but at home.... Continue reading

Upper Back Pain

There are many causes of upper back pain, but one problem that often escapes detection is a bursitis problem under the scapula or shoulder blade. Many times this is a source of chronic and episodic flare-up pain that can be disabling from work or sport....... Continue reading

Decrease Neck & Back Pain by Improving Sleep Habits

Obtaining a good night of sleep is often more difficult than you would think. Lifestyles and habits can detract from a good restful sleep. Poor sleep has proven to adversely affect the following days work, school, home or recreational activities. Here are some things that can be done to help you obtain a good restful sleep..... Continue reading

How Can I Sleep Better?

Doctors are asked many times by patients, "what can I do to get a better night's sleep"? There are many factors that influence our sleep habits and ability to fall asleep. Back and neck pain are adversely affected by poor sleep. Here are a number of suggestions to help get a better nights sleep........ Continue reading

After Pregnancy Care Of The Lower Back

After your baby is born, you have to take care of yourself. How can improper lifting, bending, reaching or carrying the baby be a problem? How do I put the baby in the back of the car in the baby's seat? What things around the house or at work should I do to help prevent low back injury? Read on.... Continue reading

Caring for an Ankle Sprain after a Sport Injury

Playing sports and injury are a given. Ankle sprains are common in the "week-end athlete" as the professional athlete. Treating these injuries correctly can mean the difference of a full return to normal or having that chronic weak ankle that doesn't allow a return to sport or difficulty walking during your day. Here are some suggestions..... Continue reading

Relieve Heel Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

For anyone who is on their feet for any length of time, plantar fasciitis can be a significant problem. The inability to walk for any distance or stand poses a problem at home, work or recreation. Plantar fasciitis can be controlled and resolved with some careful treatment planning and exercise..... Continue reading

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