After Pregnancy Care Of The Lower Back


Always remember to lift properly with your “nose and toes” in alignment to prevent lower back pain. If you’re lifting with the baby in front of you, the lower back is stronger than if the lift occurs with the lower back twisted. This is very important when using an infant car seat. The use of a 4 door vehicle is the preferred vehicle. The parent’s ability to maneuver with the infant is considerably easier than with a 2 door vehicle. The parent should get into the car holding the car seat and then place the baby and the carrier in the foundation that is anchored in the back seat of the car. Movements should be slow and unhurried.


When placing the baby in the bassinet or the baby’s bed, try to stand square to the bed so your back is not twisted while bending. The bending and twisting with weight is a common cause of lower back pain. The prevalence of lower back pain after pregnancy has been reported as high as 43% by some researchers.


It is important for the biomechanics and well being of the mother to be addressed for lower back pain during pregnancy and post partum. The mother-to-be needs to take care of her muscles, tendons and ligaments prior to birth. The stress on the lower back of carrying the baby the last trimester can irritate these structures. The mother’s posture changes due to the forward weight of carrying the baby. The activities of daily living can be a constant irritation to the lower back.


Lower back care should begin before pregnancy to try and limit or minimize lower back pain during and after the birth of your baby. What can be done to initiate a program of spinal conditioning for your pregnancy?


Here Are A Few Suggestions:

  • History of Lower Back Pain – Go to your chiropractor or orthopedist to have your back evaluated to determine if there are any reasons you should not begin a course of aggressive exercises. Perhaps a gentler and more gradual progression will be suggested if there are problems. The important action is that you begin!

  • Education About Lower Back Care – Understanding the functions of the lower back, injury prevention, self care and when to contact a chiropractic doctor or medical doctor to discuss treatment options is important. Discussing options with your obstetrician may be helpful. Our office Coon Rapids Chiropractic Office receives referrals from obstetricians for care and treatment of lower back pain. The doctors at the clinic use specialized treatment tables to care for the pregnant patient. The care continues post partum until the symptoms have resolved and self or home preventive care is all that is needed.

  • Lower Back Stretching And Strengthening Exercises
The following video includes more aggressive lower back ball exercises and can begin when the back pain has subsided from the acute and sharp pain. Do not start this aggressive routine until you are 75% improved from the onset of injury or until your doctor’s recommendation. “No pain no gain” is not true; in fact, this could result in re-injury.
~ Dr. Ryan J. Brandt 


  • Walking Or Jogging

  • Wear Shoes With An Arch Support – Good arches support walking and running activities. Poor arches alter the biomechanics of walking and running. This transfers from the foot to the ankle, knee and hip. It can adversely affect the lower back and the spine in general if not corrected.

  • Importance Of Mental Attitude – Activities that provide mind-body interventions, such as yoga and meditation should be considered if you have anxiety and stress.

  • Use Of Firm Chair Is Recommended – Avoid sitting on a soft easy chair or couch. Adjust your car seat so the seat is more bench like to take the stress off the lower back and ease getting in and out of the car.

  • Workstation And Chair – These can be modified so you are sitting straight with your feet on the floor. If you cannot reach the floor use a small stool or book to place your feet on.

  • Proper Sleep – This is important to allow your muscles to rest. A medium firm sleep surface is recommended. Too firm or too soft can create lower back pain. Sleeping with a small pillow between or beneath the knees can ease the stress on the lower back.
If you are having lower back pain, see your doctor. Ask for a referral if you do not have a family chiropractor.


The doctors at Coon Rapids Chiropractic Office have experience caring for the pregnant patient during and post pregnancy. Please call 763-755-4300 to make an appointment.


The International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine