Lower Back Pain

Can I See a Chiropractor After an Epidural?

A question we hear from patients who are about to receive an epidural injection for lower back and leg pain is "can I have chiropractic adjustments after the injection"? The simple answer is yes. The chiropractic treatment in concert..... Continue reading

Health Tips for Garden and Yard Work

After being cooped up all winter we're anxious to get outdoors and start our yard clean-up. We can't wait to get into the garden, till the soil and prepare for planting. The sooner we get flowers and plants in the ground the sooner they grow and bloom. With this hurried activity the possibility occurs for injuries to the neck, back and extremities. What can we do to minimize...... Continue reading

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Lower back pain is common and may precipitate disc rupture or herniation. Lower back pain will affect upwards to 80% of the population during their life time. A smaller percentage of this group will develop disc herniation requiring treatment. Most people begin to undergo degenerative changes or arthritis as they age. In the United States, lower back pain is only secondary to upper respiratory problems resulting in absenteeism from work...... Continue reading

Piriformis Syndrome and Lower Back Pain

The piriformis muscle is located deep in the buttock beneath the large gluteal muscle. It has its origins below the inferior aspect of the sacroiliac joint on the side of the sacrum or tail bone. The muscle travels to its end on the femur or upper thigh bone. It helps with outward rotation of the hip joint. The muscle passes beneath the sciatic nerve, and it's at that location it can cause irritation to the nerve contributing to leg pain..... Continue reading

After Pregnancy Care Of The Lower Back

After your baby is born, you have to take care of yourself. How can improper lifting, bending, reaching or carrying the baby be a problem? How do I put the baby in the back of the car in the baby's seat? What things around the house or at work should I do to help prevent low back injury? Read on.... Continue reading

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